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Isaiah 55 and C.S. Lewis On Desire

Category: Biblical Truth

Isaiah 55 is a grand invitation to find in God's Suffering Servant (Isaiah 53 & 54) the fulfillment and satisfaction of our desires. We so quickly search elsewhere, looking to all manner of lesser objects for the satisfaction of these deep soul desires, only to find ourselves repeatedly...

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Tags: desire, longing, satisfaction, revival

Eyes Wide Open: A Redemption Story

Category: Soma Family

Jessica and Brian Jager (and their kids!) have been working through the Soma Basics with us this fall, and Jesus is wrecking and rebuilding their lives in His great love. Jessica blogged this week about some of it, and I wanted to share with you the a bit of the beautiful, relentless love of...

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Tags: grace, stories, redemption, wrecking ball

Missional Community Training

Category: Soma Family, Soma Spokane Event, Disciple-Making

We’re getting close to ending our study in Ephesians, and my hope is not only that you’ve experienced refreshment and renewal in the message of grace but also that you’ve been compelled by this grace to press into missional community.  Paul’s message is...

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Tags: missional community, gospel power, gospel purpose, disciple, disciplemaking

Indicatives and Imperatives

Category: Biblical Truth, Disciple-Making, Gospel Identity

I received a number of requests to share the quotes I read on Sunday morning, so I’m posting them here, along with an audio clip of the second quote to give some context. If you missed it, I was simply hoping to emphasize the connection between Ephesians 1-3 and Ephesians 4-6. Everything...

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Tags: grace, indicative, imperative, commands, gospel

Conflicts with Emilie

Category: Authentic Community, Gospel Identity

If you know my (former) roommate Emilie and I, you know that we are quite different. The parts of her that don’t yet acknowledge Christ as Lord are in fierce pursuit of safety through independence, distance, and suppression of emotion. The parts of me that don’t acknowledge Christ...

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Derailed by Grace

Category: Gospel Saturation

“Ma’am, can you give me a ride? My mama’s sick.” That’s how it started. From the moment she opened her mouth, I knew this would be a growing day. I’ve been slowly learning to value people over efficiency and schedules and accomplishment. Today was a pop...

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Tags: grace, stranger, welcome


Category: Missional Living, Authentic Community, Kingdom Living

“It is really messy.” This is a phrase we repeat in missional community and conversations about it all the time, and it is true. The reality is, we don’t know what we are doing, but we are coming together as a group, with commitment, and trying to figure it out. What is...

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An Introvert's Guide to Hospitality


Given the choice, I would probably leave my house about once a month and invite people over only on holidays and then only for quick visits. I would interact with close friends and family, but mostly online. Luckily for me, both the grocery store and the library deliver and I work mostly from...

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Tags: hospitality, welcome, heart, jesus

Soma Basics Fall 2013

Category: Disciple-Making

The elders gathered yesterday morning, and we had a great time of praying about and listening for the future of Soma Communities. We sense that this fall will be a time of renewal for our church, as well as a time of increased clarity about the mission of making disciples. If you’ve been...

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Tags: disciple-making, mission, community, vision, soma

Living in the Love I Have (Rather Than the Lack I Feel)

Category: Authentic Community, Repentance, Money

Earlier this week I took my computer to the Apple Store. It is five years old. The video card had gone out. The repair was more than I felt I should afford, and I was unsure about the time my computer had left even with the repair. I use it every day for my business and volunteer activities. I...

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