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November 2013

Eyes Wide Open: A Redemption Story

Category: Soma Family

Jessica and Brian Jager (and their kids!) have been working through the Soma Basics with us this fall, and Jesus is wrecking and rebuilding their lives in His great love. Jessica blogged this week about some of it, and I wanted to share with you the a bit of the beautiful, relentless love of...

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Tags: grace, stories, redemption, wrecking ball

Missional Community Training

Category: Soma Family, Soma Spokane Event, Disciple-Making

We’re getting close to ending our study in Ephesians, and my hope is not only that you’ve experienced refreshment and renewal in the message of grace but also that you’ve been compelled by this grace to press into missional community.  Paul’s message is...

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Tags: missional community, gospel power, gospel purpose, disciple, disciplemaking

Indicatives and Imperatives

Category: Biblical Truth, Disciple-Making, Gospel Identity

I received a number of requests to share the quotes I read on Sunday morning, so I’m posting them here, along with an audio clip of the second quote to give some context. If you missed it, I was simply hoping to emphasize the connection between Ephesians 1-3 and Ephesians 4-6. Everything...

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Tags: grace, indicative, imperative, commands, gospel