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December 2012

Praying through Pain

Category: Spiritual Life

When the temperature drops, my daily pain level rises. I don’t like to talk about it because the more I think about it, the more I feel it. I’ve discovered that distraction is the best pain reliever I have and have been striving to remain distracted. I try to stay in my head so I...

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Tags: pain, prayer


Category: Missional Living

"On that Friday morning two weeks ago, I grumbled all the way to the garbage cans. I grumbled as I dragged them to the carport door. I grumbled as I yanked the groaning, protesting door up just far enough to shove the cans under. I ducked to follow and stopped short. The alley was full of...

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Tags: neighborhood, missional

Gospel People in Thessalonica (and Spokane)

Category: Soma Family, Disciple-Making, Gospel Identity, Gospel Saturation

As we wrapped up our study in 1 Thessalonians, I was struck by the simplicity and beauty of Paul's instructions to the gospel community he left in Thessalonica: Leaders, work hard and care well for your people. People, respect and affirm your leaders, willingly submitting to them. All of you...

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Tags: gospel, community, mission, missional community

Harking My Soul - Letting the Gospel of Advent Saturate My Heart

Category: Spiritual Life, Gospel Fluency

Harking our souls is the hardest thing to do in the familiar background music of Advent...

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Tags: advent

Striving For Perfection

Category: Biblical Truth, Soma Family, Gospel Fluency

“It wasn’t supposed to be like this.” We’ve all thought it even if we haven’t said it out loud. So often the way we picture things outshines the reality we experience. Rather than work to better the reality or simply accept it, we tend to pout and feel cheated. At...

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Tags: perfection, striving, gospel, grace, advent, christmas

Thank God.

Category: Biblical Truth, Gospel Fluency

Something that’s really been on my heart lately is the unchanging nature of God. I love that I can count on Him to be the same loving, just God day in and day out. That sameness of character is why I can say that God is good no matter what my circumstances are. This has been a rough week...

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Tags: comfort, thanksgiving, character of god, goodness of god