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April 2015

People Like Us - Jess Hopson

Category: Soma Family

Hey church this will be the first post in a new weekly series called, "People Like Us." It is easy in community to look around and see the people around you in the light you have created for them.  I am hoping this series will help us to look around and see one another in the light God has...

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The worst sin of all.

Category: Authentic Community

  The worst sin of all. There was this day when an acquaintance took me out to breakfast about 5 years ago at Frank's Diner. You see, I started realizing how heinous my life was to Jesus and began to confess and repent like mad. I would teach and confess, and talk and confess my sins. I...

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Category: GLR

There are a group of us that are engaged in a course called GLR.  Broken down that stands for Gospel Leadership Residency.   Its purpose is to to help better equip leaders through biblical, theological and practical training.  To further grow as disciples, become empowered as...

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J.R.R. Tolkien called Easter the "eucatastrophe" of human history - good catastrophe, wonderful disaster, lovely debacle. Everything that could go wrong went wrong on Friday night, and all day Saturday was confusion, darkness. And then - as they went to the tomb to early Sunday morning, lost...

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