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July 2013

Soma Basics Fall 2013

Category: Disciple-Making

The elders gathered yesterday morning, and we had a great time of praying about and listening for the future of Soma Communities. We sense that this fall will be a time of renewal for our church, as well as a time of increased clarity about the mission of making disciples. If you’ve been...

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Tags: disciple-making, mission, community, vision, soma

Living in the Love I Have (Rather Than the Lack I Feel)

Category: Authentic Community, Repentance, Money

Earlier this week I took my computer to the Apple Store. It is five years old. The video card had gone out. The repair was more than I felt I should afford, and I was unsure about the time my computer had left even with the repair. I use it every day for my business and volunteer activities. I...

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A Prayer for the Future

Category: Prayer

Jesus,   We will taste death, for sure—many new deaths that we can only imagine now—but let us be quick to submit to them, as you were, remembering that sin will die and the Spirit will live in us, establishing us in grace, so that we cannot be moved from your presence and...

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Tags: death, prayer, future, grace, spirit, jesus, sin, glory, eternal life