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Conflicts with Emilie

Category: Authentic Community, Gospel Identity

If you know my (former) roommate Emilie and I, you know that we are quite different. The parts of her that don’t yet acknowledge Christ as Lord are in fierce pursuit of safety through independence, distance, and suppression of emotion. The parts of me that don’t acknowledge Christ...

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Category: Missional Living, Authentic Community, Kingdom Living

“It is really messy.” This is a phrase we repeat in missional community and conversations about it all the time, and it is true. The reality is, we don’t know what we are doing, but we are coming together as a group, with commitment, and trying to figure it out. What is...

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Living in the Love I Have (Rather Than the Lack I Feel)

Category: Authentic Community, Repentance, Money

Earlier this week I took my computer to the Apple Store. It is five years old. The video card had gone out. The repair was more than I felt I should afford, and I was unsure about the time my computer had left even with the repair. I use it every day for my business and volunteer activities. I...

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A Prayer for the Future

Category: Prayer

Jesus,   We will taste death, for sure—many new deaths that we can only imagine now—but let us be quick to submit to them, as you were, remembering that sin will die and the Spirit will live in us, establishing us in grace, so that we cannot be moved from your presence and...

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Tags: death, prayer, future, grace, spirit, jesus, sin, glory, eternal life

Let Me Tell You about My Security

Category: Kingdom Living, Repentance, Money

Last time I went home (to my parents' home), a family friend asked me if I was having a hard time making ends meet. The question puzzled me. I’m not sure how to respond, I told them, because sometimes the ends meet, and sometimes they don’t, but I never feel like I’m having a...

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I Didn't Change Myself

Category: Gospel Fluency, Repentance

When I first took hold of Jesus and promised myself I would never let go, I realized that everything would have to be different. I didn’t know how, but I had to run toward him forever. From my perspective at the time, it meant I had to trust my grip on him. I had to pursue Jesus, and the...

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Coming Out

Category: Gospel Identity, Repentance

Most of my life I hunkered away in caves, hid beneath covers in midday, and tried to clear the blemishes on my soul whose acidic oozing wore away the only parts of me I liked. Afraid to let the sun see them, knowing that revelation would make it impossible for me to ever love myself again. I...

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A Prayer for Relationships

Category: Prayer, Kingdom Living, Repentance

From time to time I grow cynical about my relationships. They begin to look like death traps, and I find myself grasping for the tools of redemption only to find that there are none available to me. Dating intensifies those fears in my heart. What if I marry this person and we find ourselves...

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