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Derailed by Grace

Category: Gospel Saturation

“Ma’am, can you give me a ride? My mama’s sick.” That’s how it started. From the moment she opened her mouth, I knew this would be a growing day. I’ve been slowly learning to value people over efficiency and schedules and accomplishment. Today was a pop...

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Tags: grace, stranger, welcome

An Introvert's Guide to Hospitality


Given the choice, I would probably leave my house about once a month and invite people over only on holidays and then only for quick visits. I would interact with close friends and family, but mostly online. Luckily for me, both the grocery store and the library deliver and I work mostly from...

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Tags: hospitality, welcome, heart, jesus

Genesis: Why are we here?

Category: Biblical Truth

Why are we here? It’s a question we all at least ask at some point even if we don’t lose sleep wrestling with it. The answer found in the first chapter of Genesis is beautiful in its simplicity. Ours is a God so intent on loving and blessing that he created us in order to invite us...

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Tags: creation, creator, love, blessing, earn, worth

Living with Mystery

Category: Kingdom Living

I adore puzzles. Not the jigsaw, 1000 piece kind. I like codes and lock sliders and logic puzzles and tangrams and word puzzles and… well, you get the idea. I even like untangling jewelry and finding the most efficient way to stack cans and boxes on a shelf. When I can’t sleep, I...

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Tags: giving, gifts, generosity, faithfulness

Luke 12:24

Category: Biblical Truth, Gospel Saturation

Most of you know me by now, but what most of you may not know is that I am a dirty, rotten hypocrite. I can spout Bible verses for every occasion, dish up platitudes for whatever ails you, and implore you over and over to “just trust God.” But I worry. I am anxious. I fret. God has...

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Category: Kingdom Living

There’s something in the holding on, the holding fast, the not-letting-go. There’s something to digging in and digging deep and rooting. The anchorman is talking about our neighborhood again.  Time was I’d hear a helicopter and think “Lifeflight.” Now, I...

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Tags: sowing, neighborhood, garden

Following His Heart

Category: Missional Living, Gospel Saturation

I grew up hearing “Follow Your Heart” like it was some magic incantation that made everything you wanted possible and right. To some extent I internalized it and lived it my whole life. I would rail against things that I “didn’t want to” do as being unfair or...

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Praying through Pain

Category: Spiritual Life

When the temperature drops, my daily pain level rises. I don’t like to talk about it because the more I think about it, the more I feel it. I’ve discovered that distraction is the best pain reliever I have and have been striving to remain distracted. I try to stay in my head so I...

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Tags: pain, prayer


Category: Missional Living

"On that Friday morning two weeks ago, I grumbled all the way to the garbage cans. I grumbled as I dragged them to the carport door. I grumbled as I yanked the groaning, protesting door up just far enough to shove the cans under. I ducked to follow and stopped short. The alley was full of...

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Tags: neighborhood, missional

Striving For Perfection

Category: Biblical Truth, Soma Family, Gospel Fluency

“It wasn’t supposed to be like this.” We’ve all thought it even if we haven’t said it out loud. So often the way we picture things outshines the reality we experience. Rather than work to better the reality or simply accept it, we tend to pout and feel cheated. At...

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Tags: perfection, striving, gospel, grace, advent, christmas