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Short Stories

Category: Story

  I recently just finished reading a short story by one of my favorite authors. The story was creative and thoughtful and redemptive and set in the same history and culture as some of the other tales the author has written. There was struggle and redemption, plot twists on who was good and...

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Tags: stories, story, storied

Something Greater

Category: Gospel Fluency

Something Greater   I had the day off! That should be a glorious statement and I fully intended on the day satisfying all my comfort idols. But I also hoped that the day would bring me the opportunity to bring fun to my kids.   I wanted to go play with them. I wanted to give...

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Tags: romans 8, spirit, worship

ADVENT: Warfare


Advent War, that is a funny phrase.  What if we put that on our fireside mantel instead of a nativity scene, or at least right next to it or in front of it.  You know, "God coming to declare war on sin, false worship, and brokenness!" right next to our baby in a manger and over the...

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ADVENT: Weakness


I have blundered around with this idea of Jesus coming to rescue us from our weakness for more than a week now.  I have had deep and moving thoughts (at least in my secret thought life people would think they were deep and moving) about our weak confidence and faith.  My hope in Jesus...

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ADVENT: Wounds

Category: Worship

If you abide in my words, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. A story from my 7th grade years.  I still remember the day I went over to the house to play basketball.  The invite seemed suspicious but I went anyway because more...

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ADVENT: Worship


This advent, this Christmas we are looking at Jesus birth in what is to my heart a refreshing and powerful way.  Jesus didn't come to earth to be a cute baby, to make a nativity scene on your mantel, or to fill your stockings with your latest desires and idols (funny we celebrate the one...

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If You Could Do Anything

Category: Glory of God

I am a high school math teacher and most days of my classes I begin with a question that tries to allow students to tell me about themselves. Here is one of my questions that I asked of my students that challenged me this morning: What would you do and be like if you had all the money you could...

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Scrub those dishes.

Category: Kingdom Living

I was doing dishes and trying to clean a transparent mixing dish, scrubbing away as hard as I could and no matter how hard I scrubbed I could not get the chocolate off it. I scrubbed and scrubbed but it just didn't seem to budge. Finally, minutes later, I realized that the chocolate wasn't on...

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The worst sin of all.

Category: Authentic Community

  The worst sin of all. There was this day when an acquaintance took me out to breakfast about 5 years ago at Frank's Diner. You see, I started realizing how heinous my life was to Jesus and began to confess and repent like mad. I would teach and confess, and talk and confess my sins. I...

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When God Shows Up

Category: Prayer, Missional Living, Worship

I recently met a couple of guys for breakfast at one of my favorite morning food places. We met and a casual easy conversation arose about the current hobbies we share between the three of us. We talked about the food we were to order and sipped our coffee. The food came and was as greasy and...

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Tags: gospel, grace, prayer, worship