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If You Could Do Anything

Category: Glory of God

I am a high school math teacher and most days of my classes I begin with a question that tries to allow students to tell me about themselves. Here is one of my questions that I asked of my students that challenged me this morning:

What would you do and be like if you had all the money you could want, all the authority and autonomy you could have and you could do whatever you wanted? What would you spend your time, energy, and money on?

Take a moment and think. What would you really spend your life doing? Can you imagine the comfort, the adventures, the pleasures, the food, the people, the power, the…?

I read Psalms 135 this morning and in verse 6 it has this phrase, “Whatever the LORD pleases, he does, in heaven and on earth, in the seas and all the deeps.” Did you hear that? Whatever he pleases, he will do. He can and does his desires. He fully goes along with the deep desires of his heart doing the exact things that he thinks will be fun, fulfilling, important, and lasting. And this is what He desires to do: He desires to selflessly love us, save us and redeem us. He desires good for us. He desires our well being so much that He made Himself a part of his creation and became us and endured what would be the consequences of our desires just so that we might know more.

It moves me that what God desires to do with all his power and ability stands in stark contrast with what I would do. I so often make God in my image and define his love by my own. But his love is not just different; it is the love by which everything else is compared to as counterfeit or genuine. And that brings me to the battle at hand. The most profane thing that Satan could possibly say about God is what he did say, “No, God doesn’t really love you. He doesn’t want what’s best. He is holding out on you.” Satan is tempting our heart with the most profane concept, with an idea deeply incongruous to the heart of the Trune God of selfless love. 

The one true God of love, God of eternity, God of power, and God of creation has made himself a man to rescue us back to something greater than our self love. He is not holding out on us. He is fully living out His deepest desires and He has all the ability to accomplish what is true to His nature. I am both convicted and yet I stand amazed and favored. I guess this is called humility and confidence. Amazing.