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Redemption Groups

Are there places in your life where you’re feeling stuck? Addiction, abuse, or other assorted troubles in your story that are hindering your growth? Redemption Groups create a safe community context with trained gospel shepherds who will spend 9 weeks digging into your story and helping you connect with the powerful realities of the gospel. 

Attendance at the Redemption Group launch and each weekly group meeting is mandatory. Please carefully check the dates below. If you foresee missing more than 1 or 2 meetings, please reapply in a different season.

Redemption Group launch: Friday, March 11 6-8:30pm and Saturday, March 12 8:30am-12:30pm. Weekly Redemption Group meetings: Monday nights March 14 - May 9, 6-8:30pm.

Applications due by Feb 29th. All information is confidential, but will be shared with Redemption Group leaders. Cost is $50, due at Redemption Group launch on March 11-12.


Email for more information.

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