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I recently just finished reading a short story by one of my favorite authors. The story was creative and thoughtful and redemptive and set in the same history and culture as some of the other tales the author has written. There was struggle and redemption, plot twists on who was good and bad, and my desire for the main character to flourish began to grow as I read it. It even had a fairly happy ending even if it missed a full conquering of the antagonist. And even with all this, I was unsatisfied.


I love sweeping epic tales that lure me into seeing their is a something greater behind and beyond the grand struggle. My heart aches to find itself in a great narrative of near hopeless battle between good and bad. Anything shorter than a epic tale that takes weeks or months to read seems cheap and not honoring to our historic reality.


And so, a short story by my favorite author wasn't going to cut it. We are not going to microwave a true representation of goodness in the form of literature. In my own heart I long to see this world and fight for what it really is. My heart wants to see the forces of light battle the forces of darkness and to be tangibly cognizant of the against all odds sacrifice our Royalty did on our behalf in order to rescue and redeem what was marred.


And it is when I am aware of this great story and my place in it that I begin to function as a subject of the kingdom, as a knight and officer of the prince. I come to others as an ambassador of peace and love with the trajectory of going to see the Great King. All my meaningless days and interactions are rewritten with the swashbuckling truth of Christ's great commission to go on his behalf and proclaim, scatter the seeds of truth, and make disciples of the righteous king.


I guess all this to say, short stories don't do it for me.


May you find your self in an epic tale.





On an aside, the name of the short story was The Prince of Yorsha Doon by Andrew Peterson. It is a short story set in the history of his almost epic (not quite Lord of the Rings) series The Wingfeather Saga which is terribly redemptive, enjoyably humorous, and full of beauty and does capture me as I read it.

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