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People Like Us - Matt Lewis

Category: Missional Living

For some time, I have been reflecting on some insights God had revealed to me about the Gospel and about giving it to others through an experience I had giving food away in Hood River earlier in the summer. Fast forward a few weeks from my time spent in Hood River, and I am sitting at Starbucks...

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Tags: baptism, evangelism, mission

Soma Basics Fall 2013

Category: Disciple-Making

The elders gathered yesterday morning, and we had a great time of praying about and listening for the future of Soma Communities. We sense that this fall will be a time of renewal for our church, as well as a time of increased clarity about the mission of making disciples. If you’ve been...

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Tags: disciple-making, mission, community, vision, soma

Gospel People in Thessalonica (and Spokane)

Category: Soma Family, Disciple-Making, Gospel Identity, Gospel Saturation

As we wrapped up our study in 1 Thessalonians, I was struck by the simplicity and beauty of Paul's instructions to the gospel community he left in Thessalonica: Leaders, work hard and care well for your people. People, respect and affirm your leaders, willingly submitting to them. All of you...

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Tags: gospel, community, mission, missional community

Over-The-Fence Mission

Category: Missional Living, Authentic Community

In our Gospel Leader Residency, we're studying the book of Acts and reading about the establishment and expansion of the first century church. Again and again we've seen that God's mission is to make disciples and gather them into local communities called churches. Church planting is the...

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Tags: mission, missional community, discipleship, great commission

The Growth of the Early Church

Category: Missional Living, Authentic Community

Rodney Stark on why the early church grew from 120 to 6 million in just 300 years: "Christianity did not grow because of miracle working in the marketplaces (although there may have been much of that going on), or because Constantine said it should, or even because the martyrs gave it such...

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Tags: church, mission, community, evangelism, discipleship