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Advent 2017: He Came To Seek & Save The Lost
Advent 2017: He Came To Seek & Save The Lost

Over the course of the Fall, we’ve looked at the Story of God, tracing God’s redemptive mission from Creation to New Creation. The pinnacle of the Story is the advent of Jesus, when God himself steps into the Story, puts on human flesh, and dwells among us. In the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, we see God’s heart as he works to accomplish his mission. Jesus is the Story of God made flesh, the character of God put on display, and the ways of God in living color. In Jesus we meet a God who is pursuing a rebel humanity in order to restore them to himself. Jesus came to seek and save the lost.

As we celebrate Advent this year - the weeks leading up to Christmas - we’re looking at snapshots of Jesus on mission. In Jesus’ interactions with both sinners and the self-righteous, we learn how the Creator deals with a humanity in rebellion to him. We see him extend an incredible amount of kindness, compassion, and tenderness toward those running from God. We see an earnestness and a zeal in his pursuit of relationship with those who feel they are far from God. And we see a bold confrontation with those who self-righteously assume they’re already “in" with God. In Jesus, God has come to seek and save all kinds of lost, wandering, and wayward people - just like us.

But we also learn what a life lived in the Story of God could look like for us, too. Jesus shows us how to live the Story, and invites us into the Story with him. Jesus is a winsome missionary, engaging all kinds of people in all kinds of way with the message of salvation by grace alone. As we watch Jesus seek and save the lost, we’re challenged to join him in his mission in life-giving, personal, and courageous ways.

Jesus is the Story of God in flesh and blood, put on display in a way that speaks to our own lostness, struggles, and deepest needs. And at the same time, he invites us to learn from his missionary methods as we come to orient our lives around his mission.