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The Bible is not just a list of rules to obey, a collection of inspirational stories, or a set of moral commands by which to live our lives. Sure, the Bible contains rules, stories, and morality, but it is so much more than just these things. It is the True Story of the world, a captivating six-act play, designed to tell us exactly what kind of world we live in, what it means to be human in this world, and what kind of Being is behind it all.

The Story tells of the good God who made a good world to give to his uniquely designed people, in which he desired to bless them and set them to work and play in unbroken fellowship between with himself, humanity, and all of creation. And it tells of human rebellion and folly, the selfish pursuit of life apart from God, and of the destruction in which such a pursuit always ends. But above all, the Story is about the gracious pursuit of a loving God unwilling to give up on his people, freely giving of himself to the point of death in order to win them back and bring his good creation to its glorious fulfillment: God with his people, all things made new, forever and ever - Amen!

Someone once said, “If our lives don’t find their place in the Greater Story, they will find their place in lesser stories.” Our culture and our religions tell alternative stories, false narratives that promise fulfillment, joy, and meaning apart from God.  We want to read the Bible to see the True and Better Story so that we might learn to live our lives each day in light of it. Over the months of October and November, we’ll trace the story-line of the bible from Creation to Restoration, using six simple symbols to identify the six acts of the Divine Drama. Our hope is that to understand the Story with our minds, delight in the Story with our hearts, and come to Live a Better Story with our lives!

Here is a link to The Story of God, describing how to tell the story using the six symbols.