Story of God

Experience the Bible as one grand redemptive story through storytelling and dialogue

For thousands of years, stories and oral traditions were the key means for Jewish and Christian people to learn about and experience God. Soma Communities interacts with the biblical narrative through stories as one of our primary ways of teaching and engaging the Word. Often, we use an ancient Hebrew process, now called Storying. This is proving to be very effective with people of all ages in our media-literate, story-oriented North American context. We interact with these stories as a way to understand, experience and connect with God through his Word in community.

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All our Story resources are now on The GCM Collective (GCM = Gospel, Community, Mission) is a partnership of Soma Communities and many other churches that see gospel communities on mission as the primary organizing structure of the church. You can find resources from several churches on the GCM Collective website and also join the discussion of thousands of people around the world learning to make disciples of Jesus in communitiy.

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