Soma Life

New here? Let us show you around. You'll get a feel for who we are and how we live


If you're new or just checking out Jesus and Soma, you probably have lots of questions. We'd love to help answer them and explain how the gospel shapes our lives as a community.

We're all about living as God's family on God's mission, so the best way to dig deeper is to join a Missional Community—that's where you not just hear about these ideas but work them out in real life by God's grace. Our Missional Community leaders can walk you through all the Soma basics.

This page is a supplement to conversations with a leader or the MC Fast Track (but you can start here too). You'll find links to more info and media to help you see how the gospel of Jesus shapes Soma life.

A Missional Community Video Profile

Watch as one Missional Community shares their heart for their neighborhood and their city. This MC is from Soma Tacoma, but the video embodies what we want to be about here in Spokane too. It's a glimpse into life lived as a family on Jesus' mission...


What is the Gospel?

Our story, who we are, how we live... it's all about Jesus. By God's grace, we are learning as a family to allow who Jesus is and what he has accomplished on our behalf to saturate everything about us.

Even if you've heard it before, begin here with the gospel. You might be surprised. We hope you're impressed with Jesus (not us) and he takes your breath away.

Identity & Rhythms

Who we are is because of Jesus and how we live in the everyday is because of Jesus. The letters in the New Testament show this pattern over and over: the gospel, our new identity because of the gospel and then how we should live in light of that.

Missional Communities

The primary kind of group in Soma is the Missional Community. They live life together as a family on God's mission, seeing each other often and gathering together in homes at least weekly. For many, it's a radical shift to go from thinking church is something people merely attend to being the church all the time.


We've been shaped by the ancient biblical ways of being the family of God on mission and by considering how we bring that to our modern contexts. Missional Communities are primary, but we also value the larger gatherings where our MCs come togther to celebrate, learn, and share stories.

DNA Groups

A DNA Group usually consist of three people—men with men, women with women—who meet together weekly to be known and to bring the gospel to bear on each others lives so that they grow in and live out our Identity and Rhythms. DNA stands for Discipleship, Nurture and Accountability.

Soma School

If you want to go much deeper than this overview, check out Soma School. Soma churches in several other cities host a week-long immersion in their communities for church planters from around the world. They teach the theological foundations of Soma and how we are bringing the gospel to bear on our contexts.